“I have worked with Jerry McCormick over the past 15 years as my lender. I have to say that he is on top of all details when it comes to lending and closing transactions on time or sooner. He informs the clients thoroughly and makes himself available weekends or evenings to answer any questions that might come up. Last month we closed two purchase transactions during the holidays with buyers who wanted to close early and get in as soon as possible. He came through for us on both and made everyone very happy. I just purchased a property myself on a rush and he closed it in 12 business days from start to finish. I highly recommend Jerry and his company, SeaCliff Mortgage to any realtors or borrowers in need of his services.”

Sylvia H., REALTOR®, Huntington Beach, CA

“Jerry and his team at Seacliff Mortgage were a pleasure to deal with. They searched very hard to find what I believe were the best terms in the market at the time. They made the information gathering and loan application processing as smooth as I have ever experienced. I would highly recommending Seacliff Mortgage to anyone looking to refinance or take out a purchase mortgage loan.”

Rich and Linde S., Newport Beach, CA

“Thank you for all of your help and for being so accommodating with the earlier funding/closing dates so we could get into our new home before the Christmas holiday. We greatly appreciate your services and will be sure to keep you in mind for any future home loan/refi needs.

Thank you, Cathalee” – Client –  Purchase

“Appreciate all of your help and especially the patience of both you and your staff. Again, thank you for everything.”

Diane – Cash out refinance for home improvement

“Thank you, we really appreciate you stepping in and getting this done. You were a pleasure to deal with, you answered all of our questions in a clear and concise way and we really appreciate it. We will definitely refer some business your way.


Louis, Financial Analyst, Firm Finance – Buyer

“Debbie and I want to thank you for all of your work in getting Kevin and Jackie’s new home closed. I can’t stress hard enough how nice it is to work with a lender who does everything in such a timely manner. I always enjoy working with someone who takes their work seriously and handles the transaction in a professional manner. I wish you continued good health, happiness and success!

Thank you,”
Joann – REALTOR®

“Once in a while in my life, just at the right moment, I need a helpful person to get me through a complicated financial situation; a person of intelligence, of integrity, of kindness. That’s why it’s nice to know Jerry McCormick.”

Richard R. – Huntington Beach, CA – Reverse Mortgage

“Jerry was fantastic throughout the whole refi process getting me a really lot rate with great attention to all the details.  I will definitely use him again.”

Terry Pitchford – Refinance of both primary residences in Huntington Beach and second home in La Quinta

“I had a line of credit on my home that needed to be refinanced. It was with B of A so I thought I would let them refinance it. They had done several loans for me and I had been doing business with them for over 15 years. I could not get anyone to answer my questions or just call me back. I reached out to Jerry and he was just the opposite. Always there to answer my questions, explain what he needed and why. I own a small business and my loan was not the simple cookie cutter loan. Jerry and his team just got it done.

You guys rock!

Thank you,”

Bill S. – Refi in Huntington Beach

“Jerry McCormick has been my lender of choice for many years and is always available for my clients and has been able to work with all my referrals.

The clients that did work with Jerry were very impressed with his knowledge and his work ethic and provided them with great service and the right loans. It is great to know that I can trust my lender to do the right job.”

Bettie, REALTOR® who has worked with SeaCliff Mortgage for over 12 years in the Huntington Beach area.

“Jerry and his staff helped us tremendously with all the paperwork that is needed to get a loan done these days. They made it simple and much less stressful than some lenders we have used in the past. He kept is informed through the process and closed our loan with a great low rate, at no cost to us and in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Jerry McCormick and Seacliff Mortgage to anyone in need of financing for a refinance or a purchase.”

Jimmy T. – Refi in Huntington Beach

“I’ve had an excellent working experience with Jerry over many years, and have always trusted his lending skills. He gives prompt and professional service for my buyers — and once in escrow, he stays on top of the transaction throughout.  I know when I refer clients to him that they will be working with a knowledgeable loan professional that I can count on.”

Julia H. – Broker, REALTOR® in Long Beach, CA

“I am a Real Estate Broker, and have worked in the industry for the past 16 years.  During this time, I have had the opportunity to work with many different lenders offering many types of loans. I met Jerry approximately 12 years ago, and since then I have only used Jerry as my go to lender. Jerry has assisted my clients with purchases, re-finance, VA loans, and Reverse Mortgages. He does it all!  In fact, many of my clients who have Jerry handle their initial purchase, contact him for a refinance at some time in the future. Jerry is very responsive to not only my requests, but to my clients. 

He stays on top of the process from beginning to end. He is extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy and has excellent follow through. In all the years, I have done business with Jerry, there hasn’t been one time when a loan didn’t close as expected.  I use Jerry exclusively for all my client’s needs.  He is definitely the Best!!”

Donna F. – REALTOR® in Orange and LA Counties

“If you want to get your loan closed in a professional and timely manner, Jerry McCormick with SeaCliff Mortgage is the guy. His group knows what they are doing and how to present your file correctly. Not every originator can close, but here at SeaCliff Mortgage, if it is possible, they will find the way. You are in good hands here!”

Eric R. – Property Manager, REALTOR®, Huntington Beach, CA

“As a real estate agent, I need to associate myself with the best lenders in the business. That is why I always recommend Jerry McCormick from SeaCliff Mortgage. I can always trust Jerry to work quickly to get my clients approved so when they are ready to make an offer on their dream home, they are considered a strong, well qualified and serious buyer.

In this industry, you have easy files and ones that are a little more challenging, and believe me, I have sent Jerry some challenges. Where other lenders would have given up, Jerry continued to work through the situations and communicated closely with everyone, all while finding solutions and getting the loan closed. His experience, honesty and professionalism is why I will continue to send him business.”

Diane T. – REALTOR®, Huntington Beach, CA