What Your Huntington Beach Mortgage Lender is Not Telling You


What Your Huntington Beach Mortgage Lender is Not Telling You

Seacliff Mortgage provides reverse mortgagesWhat do you really know about your mortgage lender? It may be time to conduct some research.


While getting a good rate is essential, there are some hidden secrets you may want to know about…

3 Secrets Your Huntington Beach Mortgage Lender May Be Keeping From You

1. Did your lender pass the big tests?

Did you know that many loan originators with larger companies don’t need to actually take and pass the real estate exam or the NMLS? This is a difficult test so many do not take the time or effort to prepare, study and pass this test.

This can be an issue is you need to work with someone with extensive knowledge and experience. How much does your mortgage lender really know about the business and what is their experience level? If they haven’t passed these important tests, how dedicated are they to their careers and helping their clients succeed?

2. Do just the big companies have the necessary networks for success?

A good mortgage lender will have an extensive, financial network to work with so that you get the best rates available for your situation. But it’s not just about going with a large firm.

A small, independent broker can be just as competitive as the conventional, VA, FHA, and large companies out there. Plus, they can move fast and often get better results!

3. Are you really getting the personal care you deserve?

Many of the large companies tout credibility and competitive rates. But you really need a broker who is looking out for your individual needs and goals. If you go with a large broker, are they offering the same rates and deals to all of their customers?

Get the individual attention you deserve. Not only will you save money, but you’ll have a team member on board who is looking out for your specific interests.

Succeed with Confidence.

At SeaCliff Mortgage, you can relax knowing that we’ve passed all of the difficult real estate exams necessary, have an extensive background of knowledge and a large network to get you the most competitive rates possible. Plus, we communicate with you all the way from start to finish so you stay informed and updated throughout your entire loan process.

With this in mind, conduct research on your current, mortgage lender. What secrets are they hiding from you?

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